Swann Decamme and Leukrist unveil their melodic intimacy

To celebrate the arrival of summer, the blessed season for the nest initiatory experiences, Swann Decamme and Leukrist offer to fans of hypnotic melodies and raw and tribal rhythms a mysterious journey deep in their musical intimacy. The Curiosity Music founder and his loyal friend reveal their sincere complicity and the richness of their creativity. Enjoy it in the shade or in the sun, at the beach or in the mountains, as an aperitif or as a dessert! Enjoy it for free, in free download.


Lost in Translation

It’s an initiation which tends to give us a glimpse of a reality hitherto unknown

It’s the eternal ballet between good and evil

It’s this truth that excites as much as it scares

It’s a melting pot of perverted visions and glimmers of lucidity

It’s beauty in ugliness

It’s a paradox

It’s this boundary between letting go and perseverance

It’s an inner journey sown with both regrets and hopes

It’s an enigma that will never be elucidated

It’s the spirit and the universe

It’s the misunderstanding, the misinterpretation

It’s listening without listening.