Sublimate fear into a creative energy

On June 6th, 2013, as they had just crossed the border between Turkey and Syria, French journalists Didier François, a reporter for Europe 1, and Édouard Elias, an independent photographer sent by the same media, had been kidnapped by a jihadist group close to Daech. Then began ten months of detention in harsh conditions and essentially in basements close to the front lines, in the heart of a bloody war, which we are just beginning to perceive the term. Ten terrible months as well for their loved ones, torn between the hope of seeing them alive again and the fear that the worst could happen. Fortunately, the outcome was positive in April 2014.

Knowing personally Édouard Elias, Loïs Capelli was very affected by his kidnapping. From this long period of anxiety was born a track, soberly titled Syria. Armed with a arpeggiator resonating like the soundtrack of a long stalking and equipped with a running rhythm, a bass full of rebound and a synthesizer, the producer, placed at the centre of this sonorous narrative, tries to flee to the rhythm of the notes. A kind of catharsis inviting everyone to face their own fears… perhaps to better overcome them.

Loïs Capelli has plunged into the electronic music atmosphere since his adolescence, from the night he was immersed a bit by chance in a free party. This initiatory experience made him aware of the importance of the underground culture and music. He was only sixteen when he started composing, groping around among the various software at his disposal. At the same time, he began to DJ, and his remarkable performances quickly enabled him to make a name for himself in the region of Avignon where he grew up, in the South of France, and to perform regularly in Montpellier. Since 2013, he played alongside great artists like Magda, Gaiser, Reboot, Adam Beyer, Popof, T47 and Joop Junior. Making his audience travel with both dark and melodious sounds, in a subtle and energetic atmosphere, he has always stayed focused on production, which remains of great importance to him.

Inspired by this resolutely committed track, Silvan Borer, a talented young illustrator established in German-speaking Switzerland, visually transcribed his feelings. “My intention was to express visually what the music expresses to me from an auditory point of view. The trippy sounds were converted into a surrealistic illustration which shows off the microcosm built by Loïs Capelli and converted into a dreamlike scenario with a narrative moment,” explains Silvan, also known by the pseudonym John Haden for his rich musical production published by many labels.

This second Hors-Série of Curiosity Music is now available for free download. Listen and share without moderation.