Stiv Hey: “My art consists in playing live and creating memories”

After spending the year scouring clubs in Europe and elsewhere, Stiv Hey will land for the very first time in Paris! On December 1st at the Nouveau Casino, he will share the decks of a new Curiosity Music Label Night with the Parisian duo Timal as well as Swann Decamme, DJ and founder of the label. In the last few years, Dubfire’s protégé imposed himself as a figure of the Techno music scene thanks to a futuristic, deep and hypnotic sound.

Born in 1991 in Milan, Stiv grew up in the Italian Piedmont and nourished his passion for music thanks to the city’s clubs and to the classic Techno music that used to be played there. His first track released in 2012 got an instantaneous success with the support of great artists such as Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer and Marco Carola, to name just a few. From then on, his career was launched. In order to perfect himself, Stiv started studying music theory, sound design and engineering. While he discovered Ibiza and its crazy nights in 2013, he perceived the expectations of the dancefloor as well as the clubbers’ desires. Thanks to this stay on the iconic Balearic Island, he also extended his network and fame. Today settled in Barcelona, ​​he roams the best festivals and clubs in Europe.

Generous and passionate, the Italian DJ and producer perceives his sets as intense moments of sharing and emotion: “My art consists in playing live and creating memories that will remain forever in the public mind.” In fact, Stiv’s sets are much unplanned, letting him free to satisfy his audience. Always looking for new tracks, he draws inspiration from all styles, times and countries. “I listen to thousands of tracks every week and spend a lot of time researching new sounds, just picking a few to include in my sets. Right now, most of my favourite tracks are of Dave Sinner, a great artist to discover urgently! Similarly, when I produce sound, my brain tries to recreate after integrating what I’ve listened to the days before.”

In February 2017, Stiv already offered Curiosity Music a fantastic remix of “Greedy”, a new track released on “Curiosity”, an EP produced by Mark Howls and Swann Decamme.

To wait until December 1st, here is a set of Stiv Hey and a track of Dave Sinner.