“Remix is always an interesting exercise”, MoMs

Master of groove, MoMs has been rising for some years on the French Electronic scene. Thanks to his talent, his work and the active support of Laurent Garnier, who invited him to open two anthological sets at the Rex Club, the Parisian seduces an always-wider audience. As a DJ, he also performed with Derrick May, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Ellen Allien, Pan-Pot, Terrence Parker and Sascha Braemer, to name only a few, in iconic Parisian spots like Concrète, Rex Club, La Clairière or Glazart. In December, MoMs honoured Curiosity Music with an excellent remix of Class, one of the two tracks of the EP Flore produced by Loïs. The artist looks back on his career and delivers a few beautiful sound nuggets!


CURIOSITY MUSIC: When and how did you start DJing?

MoMs: I got my first turntables in November 2007 and I had the chance to play soon after, in 2008, first with friends of mine. From one thing to another, I was contacted to play in small bars, student parties and works councils in Paris. In 2011, I created a musical showcase via SoundCloud, posting series of Deep and Tech-House podcasts. From there, I joined Réveil 15h Records, the label that signed my first EP in July 2012, and then the Newtrack collective in 2013.


C.M.: Has music always been a passion for you?

M.: Yes, I used to listen to a lot of Pop, Funk, Soul and Rap since I was a kid. My passion for Electronic music started a little over twelve years ago.


C.M.: What are you inspiring in your creative process?

M.: Essentially what I like to listen to and play, but my creations differ according to the atmosphere I want to share.


C.M.: You opened Laurent Garnier’s sets and played back to back with him several times. What is it like to share the turntables with a legend?

M.: It is obviously an immense honour, even more in this great institution that is the Rex Club, where I had the chance to open two Laurent Garnier All Night Long!


C.M.: And you just signed a remix of Class on the EP Flore of Loïs, spotted by the same Laurent Garnier and released on December 18 by Curiosity Music...

M.: Yes, when Swann Decamme sent me this EP, I immediately agreed to participate, and chose to remix Class. Beyond this project, remixing a track is always an interesting exercise.


C.M.: What are your five tracks of the moment?

M.: Andu Simion - The Great Escape

Mioh - Everlasting Love

Gianluca Marcati - I’m Late

Lopaski - Apollo 13

ALCA Robson - Bells Master


C.M.: Your best opening track?

M.: REda daRE - Music Makes Me High


C.M.: A good closing track?

M.: Evelyn “Champagne” King - I’m In Love


C.M.: And finally a peak track that everyone would love?

M.: Lucianno Villarreal - A11


Photo by Gaëtan Tracqui


Here is a YouTube playlist containing most of the tracks advised by MoMs in this story: