Pacha Barcelona presents Curiosity Music w/ Steve Lawler, Swann Decamme & Steve Bimbelan

Pacha, Barcelona

August 24th, 2017

This year, Curiosity Music has steadily explored new grounds. After the Nouveau Casino and the Yoyo in Paris, then our brief calls at Lille and Nantes, our entire team is acclimatizing to Spain for its upcoming night-time adventure. On Thursday 24th August, our label takes possession of one of the best Catalan capital’s places, the Pacha Barcelona

Between the walls of this major spot of Barcelona nightlife, the founder of Curiosity music, Swann Decamme, is not going to be the only one to put on the show ! Steve Lawler, also known as « the King of Space », and the resident DJ Steve Bimbelan will be making you dance until daybreak.

A futuristic interior design, a typical Ibiza atmosphere and a stunning view of the sea, what else could be added for a good moment of evasion ?

While waiting to discover our new thrilling projects in September, get on board with us for making the most of the last summer days !