Curiosity Music presents: Nic Fanciulli, Matthias Tanzmann, Marwan Sabb and Swann Decamme

Yoyo - Palais de Tokyo, Paris

May 12th, 2017

After three Parisians dates at the Nouveau Casino and two Release Parties in Nantes and Lille, the label wanted to launch into an event… much bigger! Wishing to draw the light to our project, our values, our artists, the music we cherish, and simply to meet you more and more, we’ve chosen the May 12th which is a perfect spring date (because spring is beautiful, right?), under a full moon Friday night (because it would have the knack for agitating the night owls and to make the nights more… productive. Well, we think so!), and a place we really love, the Yoyo (because it’s big, beautiful, midway between underground and chic, well-lighted, with a great sound system and perfectly located, isn’t that so?). A few weeks before you go on vacation in front of the Atlantic, around the Mediterranean Sea, to the mountain or elsewhere, we invite you to celebrate the beginning of spring which bring us so much energy!

Within the Palais de Tokyo huge basement, we bring a unique line-up together in the capital city: two international headliners, Nic Fanciulli and Matthias Tanzmann, a solid value of Parisian nights, Marwan Sabb, and Curiosity Music founder, Swann Decamme. During all the night, spring wealth and full moon mysteries will feed the loudspeakers, but also the Yoyo big screen, where Tom, our VJ will give you « HIS » own vision of these two natural phenomena, not forgetting to evoke Ibiza, common denominator of Nic Fanciulli and Matthias Tanzmann. A trip between minimal, house, deep house and tech house. To keep it short and sweet, a lot of sound, light effects, colours, a wide dancefloor and buddies. Just life!