Swann Decamme

A psychedelic, intoxicating and unique groove that surprises and transports. French DJ and producer Swann Decamme is an electro music Stakhanovite.

Before moving to Paris in 2014, he went through training as DJ resident in South of France’s clubs and bars. Trained during two years by Frédérick-Ali Talaa alias Neuromotor, his mentor, Swann progressively familiarized with all sides of production: composition, arrangement, mixing and mastering.

Driven by his desire and instinct, he then dedicated himself to musical creation while pursuing his studies, which allowed him to get a sound engineer diploma at the Paris SAE Institute. A winning bet since he set himself quickly on the techno minimal scene by signing on prestigious labels such as Monique Musique, Funk’n Deep Records, Sensum Digital, Black Swan Recordings, Dark Face Recordings and more recently Frequenza, Sounds of Earth, Comade Music and Trapez. Combining groovy rhythms and synthetic melodies, Swann Decamme creates crafted and structured tracks that penetrates directly into the brain as powerful psychotropics for music lovers. His rich and profuse music already got him the honour to get into Beatport’s Top. The quality of his productions is recognized by the public and also by known artists like Richie Hawtin – who play-listed Swann during his latest big gigs at Time Warp Mannheim, EXIT Festival Novi Sad, Dour Festival – Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Stacey Pullen, Luciano, and Pig&Dan…

In February 2017, Swann signed with Mark Howls “Curiosity”, fifth EP to be released by Curiosity Music. Two tracks, “Curiosity” and “Greedy”, to be discovered as well as two remixes from John Haden and Stiv Hey. Furthermore, in May 2017, he played with Nic Fanciulli and Matthias Tanzmann during Curiosity Music first great Label Night at Yoyo Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

Now, Swann switches between studio work sessions, DJ sets and a new artistic adventure that sprouted in his mind: Curiosity Music, new Techno Minimal label launched earlier this year in Paris. With an enthusiastic team, he’s dedicating himself to transmitting his energy to the public, with the desire to set durably in the music and night life industry.