Stiv Hey

Stiv Hey’s music is characterized by the precise mix of driving basslines, dark grooves and a purely hypnotising sound. Ladies and gentlemen, make way for one of the future stars of the international Techno scene. In 2012, Stiv released his first track which received unanimous support from the biggest DJs in his genre: Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Marco Carola to name but a few. A very special way to begin a music producer career indeed!

Born in Milan in 1991, Stiv Hey found his passion through the classic Italian techno sound he heard whilst attending clubs in his hometown. Having decided this was where his future laid, he then spent the following two years honing his production skills by studying music theory, audio engineering and sound design, the results of which are clear to hear on his futuristic releases.

Following his first EP Stiv spent the year 2013 travelling through Europe attending festivals, parties and had his first experience in Ibiza. Along this long trip he began to understand what dancefloor needs and clubbers want. He also met a lot of his DJ heroes, including Dubfire, one of those who particularly impressed him. Having enjoyed a dream summer, Stiv came back to his studio to focus on producing more quality tracks based on his experiences and what he had learned. Then his first new track was signed by Dubfire’s SCI+TEC.

With a barrage of fresh new material coming out on a near-weekly basis Stiv took the decision to spend his first season in Ibiza in 2014. In the heart of the international electronic music community, he quickly expanded his network. There he was given the opportunity to tour with Dubfire for one month and signed his second release on the Master’s label. Based in Ibiza, Stiv Hey has been playing in the best international festivals. His music has been played in the biggest and best clubs and festivals in Europe by the best DJs of Techno/Minimal scene. These experiences taught him to open his mind and amplify his style and view on music.

In February 2017, Stiv offers Curiosity Music a fantastic remix of “Greedy”, a new track released on “Curiosity”, an EP produced by Mark Howls and Swann Decamme.

With releases flying out and support from the cream of the international DJ community the stage is set for Stiv Hey to elevate his career to the next level.