Quenum is an experienced DJ and producer, highly respected by his peers and with a discography to match. He has released over 60 EPs on prestigious labels such as Transmat, Cocoon, Fabric, Get Physical, Crosstown Records. He founded various labels, including Cadenza with Luciano, when they composed together “Orange Mistake” -a techno anthem, Resident Advisor’s top 100 tracks of the ‘00s. Quenum’s latest track for Cadenza, “Solitaire”, released in September 2016 got impressive reviews.

Quenum started DJing in the 1980’s, following his passion for dancing, which took him to the legendary Roxy club in New York. There he saw DJ DST perform with Herbie Hancock -his first experience of live electronic music, which he credits as a major revelation and influence.

Quenum’s love for music was nurtured in his African home, graced with constant music. As a result, his close family includes three music producers, one choreographer and six dancers. As a producer, he aims to refresh and avoid comfortable repetitions; his love for good music drives him to compose creations that bypass barriers or restrictive labeling.

Quenum values friendship over all, and enjoys working in collaboration; check out his remix of Mathew Jonson’s “ Decompression ” (on Freedom Engine) and Cassy’s remix of Quenum’s “ Face to Face” (on Serialism). He’s also part of the duo Azimute with Cesare vs Disorder; they tour together, produce tracks (Azimute, Transmat, Cocoon) and run their label night in Sao Paulo. Quenum’s addiction to music keeps him shuffling between gigs and the studio -leaving him just enough time to run an average 30 kms a week.