Nima Khak

Nima Khak, Dj and Producer, was born in Iran but grew up in Stockholm, Sweden with the rich flora of prolific labels coloring the soundscape of his productions.

Today he is a fixed point in Stockholm’s nightlife with a long standing residency at Gallery 2.35:1 Berns. He also manages the clubs in-house label 1:53.2.

His productions are raw, analogue and deep techno with the sight set firmly on the dance floor. With releases on labels like H-Productions, ISL and productions together with Jesper Dahlbäck and Cari Lekebusch he has been pinned as one to keep an eye on from the new generation of Swedes.

In 2014 Nima Khak started the label Sand, which focuses on releasing his own productions. This year, he offers Curiosity Music two superb remix of an Alexi Delano’s track, another great name of the Swedish scene, to discover in the EP Lodestar Bang. The release is due on the 3rd of October 2016.