Loïs Capelli

Lois Capelli has been immersing in electronic music universe since his teenage years, while he found himself in the middle of a free party somewhat by chance. This initiatory experience makes him fully aware of the importance of underground culture and the music that drives him. He is only sixteen when he starts the composition of his own music, experimenting various software at his disposal. At the same time, he begins mixing rather rapidly.

One thing leading to another, his performances draw the attention and allow him to become resident in some clubs, parties and afters in the area of Avignon where he grew up. He also performs regularly in Montpellier, the most awaked and youngest city of the Great South.

In 2013, he passed a major step in his young career. While the doors of the Zenith concert hall in Montpellier open up to him, he found himself performing at Magda’s, Gaiser and Reboot’s sides, to quote only these big names. This amazing experience occurred again in 2014. This time, Lois shares the stage with Adam Beyer, Popof, T47 or even Joop Junior! At this same moment, he goes into the organization of his own events, entitled Groove Box, for which he invites Technasia, Hobo, Ron Costa or Julie Marghilano, the impressive Berliner accompanied by her violin. Consequently, the DJ does a series of performances between clubs and festivals, mixing every weekend right beside the greatest ambassador of electronic scene.

Because he never loses sight of the musical production that retains a big importance for him, the artist from the South works relentlessly in the shadows. Over the years, he shapes his musical identity through sounds at once dark and melodious; the whole is carried away by a deep groove and rhythm. A subtle and dynamic atmosphere which never leaves his public indifferent!

His recent collaboration with Curiosity Music will result in two releases within 2018: one EP and one special track. Stay tuned!