John Haden

Driven by his fascination for music, John Haden created his own musical dimension to give voice to his creativity and emotions

Based in German-speaking Switzerland, John Haden is a versatile artist; his music is particularly characterized by experimental sounds and effects, original grooves and structurestrippy, dark, brooding and creepy atmospheres paired with strong, weighty and rolling basslines. The results are musical stories with big diversity tending from more minimalistic sounds to harder and rougher techno tracks

His musical journey continues, exploring new realities and sounds to elevate his profile. It’s a never-ending process as his mind is full of stories to tell and ideas to translate in music.

In February 2017, John offers Curiosity Music a great remix of “Greedy”, a new track released on “Curiosity”, an EP produced by Mark Howls and Swann Decamme.