Alexi Delano

Alexi Delano dwells in the perfect balance between shiny minimalism and dark vivacious techno. With more than two decades on stage he has been able to combine different roots and facets of the contemporary music scale.

Born in Chile, raised in Sweden and later adopted by New York, Alexi together with fellow Swedes such as Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch and Jesper Dahlback became part of the Swedish wave of electronic music producers of the mid 90’s. Moving from Scandinavia to New York influenced him to combine the heavy compressed Swedish sound with the vibrancy of the creative music scene of Brooklyn.

Throughout his time in the music industry, Alexi has produced five albums and released countless amount of records on established labels such as the historic SVEK imprint, Plus 8, Minus, Drumcode, Visionquest, Get Physical, Spectral, H-Production and many more. With a production and DJ style that sways neatly between house and techno, he is consistently able to re-invent himself with each new release.

Simultaneously Delano has been experimenting beyond the border of the classic 4/4 beat producing original pieces for short movies and fashion projects.Also in 2011 he was nominated for the Swedish Music Award “P3 Guld” an alternative to the Swedish Grammy.

Now in 2016 Alexi has once again reunited with his old friend Jesper Dahlback to finalize their 3rd ADJD album. At the same time Delano continuous to write original pieces for a string of projects while keeping a busy tour schedule. This year, he’s also given Curiosity Music one of his most accomplished EPs, Lodestar Bang, expertly remixed by Marcus Henriksson, aka Nobody Home, member of the legendary duet Minilogue, as well as by Nima Khak. The release is due on the 3rd of October 2016. The beginning of a new adventure for this globe-trotter, worthy ambassador of the techno/minimal republic.