Born in 2011 in Moscow, the 4Yo4U group is characterized by an original style: the union of street art and electronics.

Didi, the founding member, was inspired from his early childhood by the 70s pioneers of electronic music, the Germans of the band Kraftwerk. Regarding Aibo, his universe turned more around funk and reggae. We don’t know much about Key-D. These three music lovers got together by chance and discover a common passion for an instrument, the synthesiser Korg EMX-1. From this point, the group Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo was born. Shortly afterwards, they made their debut at the club Vozduh in St Petersburg and crossed the road of the DJ and producer Kodek, aka Diod212, long-time resident of the X-dance club. This event launched their rise. For the occasion, they change their name to 4Yo4U.

The Deep, Minimal, Techno style of the four acolytes arrived to the ears of Richie Hawtin. The Master played their tracks during his performances at Space Ibiza and the ENTER. and subsequently publishing their first EP Invasion on his famous label M-nus. The quartet created tracks such as Satellite, Poltergeist, and Bubble Trouble with more minimalist and synthetic echoes. Their style has evolved at the whim of their sound experimentations, producing a unique and varied range of sounds. Each of their performances paves the way for unprecedented melodies. Signing a great remix of Tripr, one of three tracks produced by Kevin Castro on his EP Microdub, published in March, 2017 on Curiosity Music, 4Yo4U still has a lot of surprises in their mind!