About us

A project

Curiosity Music is a French techno/minimal label based in Paris founded by DJ & producer Swann Decamme. Its goal is to awaken everyone’s curiosity through the promotion of high quality music and artists from the whole world. By connecting young talents and confirmed producers to the same printed circuit, Curiosity Music enhances the energy flow to and fro the audience, all the more so on Label Nights and Release Parties.

To the artists willing to live this new adventure, Curiosity Music offers digital releases as well as vinyl releases, token of credibility and professional quality!

A family of artists

Won over by this project, a lot of artists have already collaborated with Curiosity Music for their latest music productions and many other young talents and confirmed producers we’ll present you in the next few months throughout our releases.


Curiosity Music releases an EP every month. For the vinyl mastering, the label works with the Swedish sound engineer Marcus Henriksson, while Swann Decamme deals with the digital mastering. As for the vinyls, the label collaborates with the Czech plant GZ, while the digital specialist Label Worx and Syncrophone, the Parisian store for vinyls, expertly handle the distribution.


Curiosity Music also highlights its artists, confirmed or budding, by inviting them to meet their audience, particularly during Releases Parties.

A team

Curiosity Music is a collaborative project whose members are happily gathered around two essential values: artistic quality and humanity.

Swann, our founder and owner, DJ, producer and sound engineer, equipped with the most powerful ideas incubator of the techno/minimal planet!

A booking manager, Jocelyn, whose mission is to propel our artists in the best parties and festivals around the globe, to make the music sound better across all borders!

Sébastien, our press officer, writes the EP descriptions as well as chronicles upon the label’s artists and deals with the artists’ promotion on the Earth and the whole galaxy press.

Sébastien, our webmaster and artistic director, in charge of the taste of our products as well as of our website’s creation and development!

A high-ranked aide-de-camp, Baptiste, passionate about electronic cultures and able to find a solution to any problem in less time than it takes to say!

Jessica, our community manager, leads the promotion of artists and events on all the social networks available (Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, RA, etc.)!